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Real State

Carrying out real state projects involves a series of formalities before various agencies which are unavoidable. These depend on various factors such as square meters to build, number of workers on site, height to develop, among others.


Failure to comply with these formal obligations, either partially or totally, is subject to significant fines by the Public Controlling Bodies.

GRO Contadores & Asociados specializes in the management and administration of small and medium-sized construction works, from the necessary records with the BPS, MTSS, Municipal Administration, through the settlement of salaries under the construction regime, to the preparation of the company's accounting construction company.

  • Registration of new Works by administration or new contract

  • Regularizations

  • Request for prescriptions for BPS contributions.

  • Request for exemption of contributions for self-construction and benevolent labor.

  • Request for common and special certificates before BPS for the sale of real estate.

  • Flat Conditioning

  • Construction permit application.

  • Technical qualification projects for firefighters.

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Registro de Obras de Construcción. Obras BPS . SUNCA . FOCER . Industria de la Construcción .  IVA Agregación de Valor . Aporte Unificado a la Construcción . Reforma de casas . Reforma de apartamento . Obra de Menor cuantía . Técnico prevencionista . Obra por administración directa . Obras por contrato . 

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