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Assistência to Brazilian clients

We are a group of professionals with several years of experience working with clients from different sectors of activities that accompany you in your growth. Our equipment is compiled by accountants, legal professionals and notaries ready for help.

GRO Contadores is a company dedicated to accounting, fiscal, financial and other aspects of business management, with the objective of providing comprehensive consultants on all types of commercial activities. We have a portfolio of clients from different sectors of activity ranging from agricultural production to industrial production.

When starting a commercial activity, it is essential to intelligently plan the legal form to be used, once it is based on the form of capital and responsibilities between the partners that are distributed. A Lei 16.060, of September 5, 1989, is the one that regulates and lists the types of non-Uruguai companies allowed to negotiate. The escort will depend on the particular situation of each business, as two established objectives. Based on this law, it is possible to form the following types of companies.

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